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Sensible Security Solutions For Home

CCTV & Indoor Monitoring

We can supply and install complete CCTV systems for either home or office. We only use quality products that have been tried and tested by ourselves to ensure that they perform and do what they say on the tin.

Whether you simply need a camera to cover an entrance or a complete multi camera system, we have the experience to best advise of camera positioning and lens types to build a bespoke solution for you which will cover all the action.

If you need a to capture movement in your home, garage or shed we have the perfect solution for you, and like our larger CCTV systems all can be accessed directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

CCTV Systems

Indoor Monitoring With Cleverdog

CCTV Systems

We provide installation services of high quality CCTV systems to both residential and commercial customers in Cambridge and the immediate surrounding areas.

Protecting homes and businesses is our highest priority

We offer a wide range of products from Hikvision and AVTech, market-leading CCTV security systems for home CCTV cameras to complex security camera systems for businesses. Whether you need a CCTV security camera system for your home or a more comprehensive CCTV security system for your business, we have the experience and skills to provide everything you need.

For our installations we recommend installing an IP based system where the cameras use just 1 cable to provide video and power over a single cable, this is known as POE (Power Over Ethernet). These systems allow up to 4 mega pixels IP cameras to be used, these camera provide great HD quality video where the images can be zoomed in for greater detail. The recorder NVR or DVR all allow remote access from a smartphone, tablet or Windows PC to allow you to watch live video or remotey playback recorderd footage which has been captured on the internal HDD of the recorder.

The camera types we install, both dome or bullet all have IR (Infra Red) to allow black and white HD video recording in complete darkness.

Typical Setup

CCTV Install

A typical CCTV installation will comprise of outdoor cameras as well as indoor one. Bullet cameras are commonly used, however in certain situations a dome camera may be an alternative choice.

If remote viewing is required, the NVR / DVR will need an internet connection will otherwise only local viewing will be available by means of a locally attached monitor or if the NVR / DVR is connected to a LAN, via a Windows PC browser connection.

For remote viewing and playback, Smartphones or tablets will require Internet access; either 3G or 4G plus the associated manufacturer App installed.

Whilst acting as a deterrent, CCTV security systems also provide continuous monitoring and surveillance. The images recorded can be passed on to the police and used to prosecute criminals. As a business they can also offer you and your staff peace of mind, especially in places such as car parks and dimly-lit areas. We have experience in installing CCTV into large warehouses where there is a potential for members of staff to steal goods where the presence of camera's act as a great deterrent.

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