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Loan Person Saftey Alarm

Independence for your loved ones and help when they need it!

Has one of your family or friends taken a bad fall or injured themselves at home or in the garden recently? Was there someone at hand to help them immediately?

Our personal alarm will enable your loved ones to get instant help when they need it and will always keep you informed should anything happen to them.

At the touch of a button your loved one can alert you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world should they require help, offering you peace of mind and reassurance.

Our alarm will automatically monitor for falls and immediately phone you should it detect such a situation. It will open a two way call so you can speak to you loved one and ensure they are safe.

There are no subscription charges, hidden fees or complicated contracts - We will pre-program the alarm with your unique requirements and details, you just insert a simcard and its ready to go!

Simcards for all networks can be supplied if required

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Call 0844 858 4654