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Sensible Security Solutions For Home


In today's busy world we could all do with making life easier...

Installing a Smarthome system can allow you to control your home remotely, schedule events to happen, turn on or off devices, control your heating and montior who is in your home. There are many different system on the market so its hard to say which one is best as they are all capable of doing different things. We have chosen the best of the bunch to use as our preferred choice to setup for our clients, although we will tackle any system thrown our way !

Here is an overview of what can be achieved with any of the Smarthome products we sell in conjunction with other add-ons such as Alexa by Amazon.

Smarthome Hub

Before you can automate anything in your home you will need a Smarthome Hub that will control the rest of the devices. This needs to communicate with the other Smart devices hence a WiFi network is required. If you want to control devices from outside your home then an Internet connection is required (some Smarthome Hubs required Internet regardless).

We currently use the following Smarthome systems:

  • Energenie - Mi Home
  • Panasonic SMARTHOME
  • Samsung SmartThings


Lighting Control

Using your Smarthome to control your lighting to brighthen your home from anywhere in the world ensures that you home can appear visible occupied while you are away. This can either be done automatically with a scheudule or manually using an app on your phone. Some systems allow Geo location to turn on the lights as you approach your home. Existing lights can be connected to the system in a number of ways depending on the system implemented. These range from a smart plug adapter, smart light switch or smart dimmable light bulbs.

Appliance Control

Turn on your kettle, turn off a lamp or turn off the TV. Any device that plugs into a plug socket can be controlled either by a smart plug adapter or smart outlets let you add remote control of all of these devices so you don't have to get up off the couch or leave the office to turn them on or off. Thanks to clever Android or iOS apps you now have the power at your finger tips from your smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Remotes

Don't want to control devices from your smartphone, or simply don't have one? Most smart devices can also be controlled with a wireless remote. Control multiple devices from anywhere in your home. These remotes work of off the 433mhz frequency so unlike older remotes that use IR, you don't need to be in the same room for the remote to work.

Motion Detection

PIR Motion Sensors are perfect for areas in your home where there is an entrance or area that is not normally occupied. Arm the motion sensor while you are away, at work or on holiday and get instant notification if anyone enters the area. Small discreet sensors that are un-obtrusive can be installed in the corner or the room and capture 180º for any movement.

Door & Window Sensors

With an Open/Close door or window sensor, you’ll be alerted when the door or window is opened. Not only usefull for doors and windows, these sensors can be fitted to anything else that opens - safes, drawers and more. When used with PIR motion sensors, you know the exact state of your home's situation, at home or away, day or night.

Thermostat Control

Why heat your home when no one is there? With a smart thermostat you can control your heating system from your phone. On you way home, turn up the thermostat to make the house nice and toastie for when you arrive. With either a room thermostat or individual radiator valve thermostats, you can have complete control either in or outside of your home.

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